About the Aikido Society of Memphis

The Aikido Society of Memphis, established in 1995, is affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation under Yoshimitsu Yamada, Shihan of the New York Aikikai. We are closely affiliated with Jim Baker, 6th Dan and Shidoin of Aikido Norfolk (VA), the founder of our school.

Before leaving for Norfolk in 2000, Baker Sensei passed his Dojo to one of his senior students, Greg Owen Sensei. Greg remained the head instructor until September 2005, when he and his wife relocated to Gainesville, FL. Greg had been with the ASoM for 11 years.

Our Instructors

Chief Instructor: Robert Kores, Sandan & Fukushidoin

The current chief instructor of the Aikido Society of Memphis, Robert Kores, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Tennessee. His clinical work in mind-body connections, or psychosomatics, coincides with his interests in Aikido and Meditation. Kores Sensei has practiced Aikido for over a decade and holds a Sandan ranking.

Instructor: David Bensman, Shodan


Our monthly dues are $35 ($30 for Bartlett, TN residents), paid monthly to the Singleton Community Center.

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